Saturday Night Live Gave Us The Office Reunion We've Been Waiting For…Kind Of

Photo: Courtesy of NBC.
The only thing we love more than Saturday Night Live is The Office, and we’ve been missing that show since it wrapped in 2013. But last night, when Steve Carell hosted SNL, we got the Office reunion we’ve been dreaming of —and it’s making us miss the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company’s antics even more.
As Carell launched into his monologue, he was immediately “interrupted” by Melissa Villaseñor, who wanted to ask him a question. “Okay, I guess we’re doing questions now,” said Carell. Then she asked him what’s been on all of our minds: “Will you ever reboot The Office?”
Carell balked at the question, insisting that a reboot isn’t “the best idea” and that “we should leave it alone.” Okay, fair enough. Sometimes it’s best to let happy memories stay just that — as memories. And anyway, Carell, who was there to promote his new film, Beautiful Boy (which also stars Timothée Chalamet), is a Serious Actor now.
But the SNL cast refused to let up. Kenan Thompson bothered Carell next, throwing in his support for an Office reboot. “Okay, but it would be like someone wanted you to reboot Kenan and Kel,” said Carell, to which Thompson replied, with all seriousness, “That would be an honor.”
Next, Ellie Kemper made an appearance, kicking off the mini-reunion. Following the theme, she also insisted that “people would love to see an Office reboot,” and that she “needs that money. Let’s get that money, Steve!” When he refuses, she calls him a jerk.
Ed Helms was the next former Office star to plead with Carell. “I think you don’t understand how much money we’re talking about,” he says, and jokes that Carell wouldn’t have to do those “sad movies” anymore. Jenna Fischer appeared next and pleaded some more, and in her earnestness, accidentally called Jim’s character Jeff. “Don’t get hung up on the details,” she said, when Carell corrected her. “Let’s just do the damn thing!” Finally, Carell’s wife and kids took up the mantle, insisting that they really wouldn’t mind the time he’d spend away working on the reboot.
Luckily, this sketch is all for naught, as an Office reboot is in the works — supposedly. The news was announced last year, so who knows how Dunder Mifflin is shaping up in 2018, but we’ll take any chance to watch Pam and Jim and Dwight and Robert be their weird selves on our late-night TV binge sesh. Here’s hoping.

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