Every Confusing Detail From Night 2 Of The Little Drummer Girl, Explained

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AMC's The Little Drummer Girl started off on an incredibly dark note and keeps getting sinister. With Charlie (Florence Pugh) now on board with the manipulative Kurtz's (Michael Shannon) mission to take down a Palestinian terrorist, the real "show" can officially begin.
Episode 3
Picking up right where last night's episodes left off, Charlie agrees to carry out Michel's (Amir Khoury) mission. So, she'll be driving his car filled with explosives to Austria. Before she does though, Becker (Alexander Skarsgård) gives her a pro tip: don't smoke in the car.
Kurtz decides to switch things up with Michel. Instead of keeping him locked in his "cell," he reveals to Michel that he's not in prison. Instead, the setup, which has included fake letters drafted from his sister and Photoshopped polaroids of Michel's "dead" brother, is fake. Drugged and vulnerable, Michel opens up to Kurtz about how he plans his attacks.
Charlie arrives in Austria with the Semtex. She retreats to a hotel to celebrate her first mission with minibar booze. Becker drops by and tells her she did a good thing. Pleased with her performance, Charlie falls asleep. That's when Becker creates the illusion of a tryst between Charlie and his character, Michel. We're talking plates littered with food residue and torn panties strategically placed on the bed. All to keep their love act going.
Charlie and Becker reunite with Kurtz and the rest of the team in Munich. Charlie then comes face-to-face with her alleged lover. Michel is completely drugged and out of it. While all this is happening, the blonde from the first bombing, Anna (Iben Akerlie), is being held in a "cell" of her own a few steps away.
Uncomfortable doesn't even begin to describe Charlie's next task. In order to convince Michel's crew that she was really his lover, she has to memorize every scar on his body. She's overwhelmed by the sight of Michel's limp body and who could blame her?
Charlie goes to voice her grievances of the entire mission with Becker. She also reveals she knows his name is Gadi. Becker then tells her to write out pre-drafted love letters to Michel. Reading them aloud quickly fills her with lust, and soon she's all over Becker. Their lovemaking quickly goes sour though, when Charlie begins hallucinating. Later, Kurtz sends her home to London. He tells her that “from now on, we won’t be writing the play. The play will come to you.”
Episode 4
Now, it's clear that Charlie is in way too deep. Even more so when Michel's network makes contact in episode four.
Becker gives Charlie a portable radio with a hidden transmitter to monitor their conversation. He also takes her to shooting practice. During the latter, he instructs her to kiss the gun. Apparently, this is something Michel would've asked his girlfriends to do in honor of his brother.
Would've as in past tense. It turns out Michel is dead. Kurtz instructed his team to stage a car accident involving both him and Anna. In the end, they were both blown to bits by the explosives Charlie drove to Austria.
Fortunately, this little omission proves to be vital for Charlie when Michel's crew reaches out via a trench-coat wearing lawyer named Anton (Jeff Wilbusch) and a gun-toting woman named Helga (Katharina Schüttler). Charlie's genuine naivety about Michel's death and the anecdote about kissing his gun was enough to convince her captor's that they were together. Guess you could say that's a win.
Kurtz is more than pleased with Charlie's deception. But she's pissed. She lashes out at him for killing Michel and then not telling her. Also, for sending her on a mission that could've been fatal. Charlie demanded to know if Kurtz intended on killing Michel all along. His answer? Yes. No matter what, Michel was always going to die because the Palestinian terrorist Khalil (Charif Ghattas) was his actual endgame. Charlie has proven to be a tough cookie, but even this iss too much for her to handle and she storms off. Kurtz instructs Becker to go after her.
Becker obliges to Kurtz's request, though it's unclear if he's acting purely out of order or if he's actually developed feelings for Charlie. Either way, the slow-burning fuse between them is finally ignited. They do the deed and Becker finally reveals real things about himself. He also tells her she doesn't have to go through with the mission. Charlie, moved by his warmth, does though.
Mission day. Helga instructs Charlie to wait for a call at a London telephone booth. Charlie is then whisked into a car at gunpoint and flown Lebanon. Kurtz is thrilled. Becker, much less so, now having mixed feelings about the entire operation.
Meanwhile, Charlie comes face-to-face with Fatmeh (Lubna Azabal), Michel's sister after some brutal interrogation. Her stellar acting skills and memory of Michel's scars convinced Fatmeh that she's for real. What exactly happens in part three of this miniseries is still TBD, but from Fatmeh's satisfactory deep breath, Charlie is in.

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