Netflix's Psychological Thriller About Cam Girls Looks Almost Too Dark

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
With so much original content on Netflix these days, it can be hard to keep track of the streaming platform’s exclusive films. Fortunately, one upcoming movie has a way of standing out: The trailer for new movie Cam is so disturbing, it will be burned into your brain forever.
The Netflix original is described as a psychological thriller and stars The Handmaid’s Tale's Madeline Brewer as well as all your darkest nightmares. Per Netflix, the film centers on Alice (Brewer), an “ambitious cam girl” who learns that she has been replaced on her own channel. The really disturbing part? The person who has taken her slot… is an exact replica of Alice herself.
Who this random clone really is, what does she want, and how did she came to exist in the first place is a question that neither Netflix’s release nor the film’s particularly trippy trailer answers.
Produced by Blumhouse (aka the team behind horror hits like Get Out) and directed by Daniel Goldhaber, the trailer for Cam reveals the film to be a cross between Assassination Nation and Blumhouse’s own Unfriended. (There are second screens galore, as well as plenty of blood. No hands make their way to blenders, fortunately.)
The Hollywood Reporter described the movie as "Lewis Carroll meets David Lynch," so, you know — expect weird. The trailer teases such insanity: Even before Alice meets her internet doppelganger, stuff gets realllllll strange, with her online clients demanding not just sexy videos, but faux-snuff content as well. Alice takes it all in stride, happily slicing her own neck (thanks to the help of horror movie makeup), not realizing that there is a very real threat headed her way.
Whatever is going on in this movie — it’s a guaranteed insane ride. Your call if you can stomach it. Cam hits Netflix on November 16, 2018.

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