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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
If you’re feeling off your game this week, there’s a good reason, stargazers. It’s all tied to Venus! Our ruler of beauty, charm, and money is still retrograde this week, but she'll be back to her scheduled programming next week. If you can accept a slower pace in those aspects of your life until then, you'll sail through this week. Heck, you might even learn a thing or two along the way.
On Wednesday, we're invited to start fresh with a new moon in Scorpio at 11:02 a.m. EST. If you’re feeling a little vulnerable, sit with your emotions and meditate on how you’d like to feel by the time the moon is full in Gemini on the 23rd. If you take time to sift through your feelings now, you’ll be able to express yourself with confidence later. On Thursday, Jupiter changes houses. His movements will dictate different joys for each sign, but, in general the planet of luck and plenty is here to help you out! All week, Mercury is moving out of bounds. Communication slows down, and we may trip over our words. Be patient with yourself as we gear up for the third Mercury retrograde of the year next week.
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
March 21 to April 19

If you want to brush up on your skills and talents, do so midweek: Jupiter moves into your ninth house of education on Thursday, bolstering your ability to retain information.

Also on Wednesday, the new moon in Scorpio may dredge up conflicts at home and among your family members. Prepare to listen to the people you love, as they will be feeling especially raw during this lunar phase. Resolve to help your inner circle grow together — new moons are lovely for putting new ideas and practices into place. On Sunday, Mercury, your personal planet of health and work, begins to move out of bounds. The communication planet will soon be retrograde, so get ready for this backspin by taking care of your well-being and physical body. It’s time to charge your batteries, Ram.
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April 20 to May 20

On Sunday, Mercury, your personal financial planet, moves out of bounds from his usual path. During this time, the way that you relate to (and use) your finances may change. Consider how you want to adjust your flow of funds before Mercury throws another curveball your way next week, in the form of a retrograde. You’re one of the most money-minded, financially stable signs, Taurus, so you should be able to tackle this challenge with ease.

On Thursday, Jupiter is making his way into your eighth house of regeneration and sex. Partnered? Make plans this weekend to get lost in each other. After all, fall is a romantic season to spend cozying up to the ones you love. If you’re single, you could have a sexual awakening! Embrace your power, and you’ll exude confidence.
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May 21 to June 20

It’s almost that time again, Gemini: On Sunday, Mercury begins to move out of bounds, gearing up to start his third retrograde of the year. He'll begin his path in Scorpio, highlighting changes that need to be made. Because he is out of bounds, Mercury won’t be the guiding light that he usually is for you. You'll have to think long and hard about your innermost emotions before expressing them to your loved ones, friends, and coworkers. Remember, it’s harder to take back words than it is to take a moment to cool down.

On Wednesday, your money planet, the moon, starts a new cycle in Scorpio. Does the thought of dealing with your finances give you the willies? Try identifying your emotional spending triggers. On a lighter note, you’re about to get even more popular, Gem! On Thursday, Jupiter, your personal planet of love, moves into your seventh house of relationships.
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
June 21 to July 22

Have you been itching to create a healthier balance in your life, Cancer? Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Thankfully, this week it will be easier to make those little changes to your routine stick. Mark your calendar for Thursday, when lucky Jupiter moves into your sixth house of health.

On Sunday, your personal planet of spirituality, Mercury, begins to move out of bounds. As this planet slows down and moves away from his usual path, take time to nurture your relationship with your heart's desires and your sense of direction. It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind, but being kind and prioritizing your emotions can go a longer way than you’d think. In preparation for Mercury’s retrograde next week, work on creating a quick daily practice to support your mind and soul. It could be as simple as stretching in silence or meditating.
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July 23 to August 22

On Sunday, focus your efforts toward getting that bread, Leo. Mercury, your planet of finances, begins to move out of bounds and closer to his third retrograde of the year. Brace yourself for his backspin next week by holding off on spending. As much as you may love to splurge, you’re a natural fundraiser and hustler, so you can roll with this movement.

On Thursday, bountiful Jupiter makes his way into your fifth house of pleasure. Just because you need to save your cash doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun! This movement will help you shine even more than you usually do, so tap into your natural charm and organize a get-together with your friends, ideally at your home. Host a potluck and make it a group effort. It’s sure to top an expensive night out.
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
August 23 to September 22

You’ve made so much progress already, Virgo, and your past successes will fuel your future ones — you thrive on forward movement. That said, you may need to slow down a little, as your ruling planet, Mercury, begins to move out of bounds on Sunday. This could mean culling your ambitions at work or at least lowering your expectations for your results.

As the ruler of your career zone, Mercury helps you grow by highlighting what you can realistically accomplish. Sometimes it can feel like you're always going back to the drawing board, but what is progress without having to innovate? Let change come naturally and listen for conflicts that have sprouted up over the past month. Create your plans carefully and don’t expect to see significant results until Mercury goes direct in December. Change is inevitable, but we can control the flow if we stay focused!
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September 23 to October 22

On Sunday, Mercury will be moving out of bounds and toward his third retrograde of the year. As your personal planet of spirituality and good fortune, Mercury is making subtle waves of change in your life. If you’re feeling off this week, get some perspective by going for a walk in nature or reducing screen time when you’re alone. Be still with your thoughts and reflect on what you’re thankful for in your life ('tis the season).

On Tuesday, Uranus, the planet of change, moves into your seventh house of relationships. If you’re single or attached, you may feel tempers rise in regards to who gives and takes more in your friendships and partnerships. Wait to speak your mind until Thursday, when Jupiter moves into your third house of communication.
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October 23 to November 21

Does any sign roll with change better than you, Scorpio? On Tuesday, Uranus, your personal planet of home and family, moves back into your sixth house of work, setting the scene for another round of transformations. It’s time to get prepared for significant changes at home for the next few weeks.

Avoid stirring the pot with your family members and, instead, support them by working on home improvement projects. Put that strategic mind of yours to work on some low-key (or even high-key) renovation ideas! You’ll be able to supply the materials needed on Thursday, when lucky Jupiter moves into your financial house.
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
November 22 to December 21

You’ve just gotta relax, Sagittarius. The planets are asking you to press pause on a few areas of your life, and you need to be ready to do as they say. On Sunday, you may feel a change in the air when Mercury moves out of bounds. This speedy little planet rules both your love life and career, and he’s making his way toward his upcoming third retrograde of 2018.

Retrogrades are an excellent time to reset your routine, Sag. Keep your cool this week while Venus, your personal planet of work and health is still retrograde. Your perspective will brighten and everyday life will feel easier when she goes direct next week. On Thursday, your ruling planet, Jupiter, moves into your first house of self. He’s ready to make you feel like you again!
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
December 22 to January 19

Wednesday’s new moon in Scorpio will peel back your steely exterior, Capricorn. You’re going to feel more sensitive than you have in a long time. Communicate with your loved ones with honesty, but don’t let your emotions get the better of you. Work toward positive change by using "I" statements and active listening.

Speaking of leading with your true feelings, there's nothing quite like confidence to guide you through the upcoming Mercury retrograde. This planet is also known as your personal planet of health and work and on Sunday, it will move out of bounds, preparing these zones of your life to break out of their normal sphere. Create peace in your home, put extra care into your work, and quiet your mind while you adjust to these movements.
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
January 20 to February 18

On Sunday, Mercury will begin to move out of bounds before he enters his third retrograde of the year next week. While he’s slowing down, he will slide into your house of friendships, helping you reconnect with your closest friends.

One of the tests of a true friendship is when your pals can understand how you're feeling, even when you can't put your emotions into words. Seek out your true friends on Wednesday, when the new moon in Scorpio may bring up intense feelings that you may struggle to express. On Thursday, Jupiter moves into your 11th house of friendship, making you the life of the party. If you’ve got holiday plans this month, start planning your own get-together now.
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
February 19 to March 20

This week, focus in on your home and family life and strive to create a sense of balance. Messenger planet Mercury will be moving out of bounds on Sunday, before he kicks off his third and final retrograde of the year next week. This upcoming movement will also affect your love life, as this planet rules your relationships.

Single? You might find yourself attracted to a co-worker or someone in your professional network. Mercury inhabits your 10th house of career this month, so anything could happen. But don’t let a pretty pair of eyes distract you from your goals on Thursday, when Jupiter posts up in your 10th house as well. If you’ve wanted to level up at work, this is your month to go for it.

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