The World Is A Hot Garbage Fire, So Netflix Literally Made A Movie About Very Good Dogs

Photographed by Molly Cranna.
Things are really so bad right now, so some good news: there is a new Netflix series about dogs. If you are asking the question "What else is it about?" then I need you to hush. It's about dogs. Singing dogs? Yes.
The trailer, released today, starts with a very good husky doing some nice singing on Skype. A bunch of dogs running? Yes! One shot shows no less than fifteen dogs going for a jog. A small puppy? I wouldn't be recommending this trailer to you if there wasn't.
Already, I'm emotional. The series will tell six different stories about dogs, including one about a man whose dog Zeus (that's the singing dog) is trapped in Syria. Please, someone rescue Zeus.
Others featured include a yellow lab named Ice, a service dog, a chihuahua wearing a hat, and a dog getting groomed. I don't know the names of the latter three, but I would like to.
And luckily, it looks like I will learn them on November 16 when the six-part series drops on the streaming service. Watch the trailer for Dogs below!

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