Will Queer Eye’s Tan France Slowly Make Over All Of Netflix?

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix
It’s a rhetorical question, sure, but let’s be real: we’re all in on having Tan France give our favorite Netflix stars the Queer Eye treatment.
Our enthusiastic response is inspired by the latest Good Thing the internet has produced: France giving fashion tips to comedian Hasan Minhaj, who stars in his own upcoming Netflix comedy show, Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj. Patriot Act drops on the streaming service on Sunday, October 28.
The nine-minute clip is as charming and sharply funny as you’d expect. Between fashion hits and misses, France and Minhaj touch on everything from their cultural backgrounds (France is of Pakistani descent, and Minhaj’s family is from India), to what a “fuckboy” is (France swears he didn’t know), to their upcoming shows.
When it comes to Patriot Act, “think of a funny investigative report meets comedy show meets political satire meets Malcolm Gladwell, but funny, and it’s on a bunch of screens like a Drake concert,” Minhaj explained.
France, tasked with finding him an outfit for the show’s debut, offered up a number of options, including a velvet rust-colored suit (which Minhaj said made him look like “Indian Arsenio Hall”) and a grey pinstripe suit (which Minhaj said made him look like Michael Jordan in the '90s), and a hoodie-turned-crop top (Minhaj just stared at the camera, Jim Halpert style, at that point). The pair eventually settled on a fitted long-sleeve top and a tasteful bomber jacket, because when has Tan France ever let us down?
France promised more wholesome moments to come in the third season of Queer Eye, and he offered up a few tantalizing details: the show is set in Missouri, will feature the show’s first lesbian, and yes — you will cry.
Also, the clip reveals France’s full name: Tanweer. “My name is not actually Tan...I’m sorry, white folks, I know you’re easily confused. Tanweer.”

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