Calling All Anglophiles: These Are The Best BBC Shows On Netflix

On September 23, 2018, over 10 million Brits tuned in to watch the season finale of the BBC drama Bodyguard. By then, the six-part TV show had launched a veritable phenomenon in Britain, mimicking the thrill of pre-streaming era TV-watching, when people actually picked apart the events of the last night's episode the following day. Bodyguard is the most-watched BBC show since Doctor Who's 2008 Christmas special.
Now, we Americans get to see what the craze was all about. Bodyguard lands on Netflix on October 24. Unlike the Brits, we can race through all of the gasp-worthy twists over the course of a weekend (or evening, if you're feeling ambitious). But when you're done watching Richard Madden stoically save lives with nary a tremble, you may sense a vacuum in your life. No more British accents coursing through your headphones. No more capable people, nobly doing their jobs. Essentially, no more BBC.
The vacuum doesn't have to last for long. After watching Bodyguard, retreat to one of the other BBC offerings on Netflix. These shows — many of them crime dramas – will provide that Bodyguard jolt.

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