Martha Stewart Dragged Her Own Instagram Account & We’re Dying

Photo: Gonzalo Marroquin/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images.
If you thought Martha Stewart being on a show with Snoop Dogg would mellow her out, think again. When it comes to fall recipes, not even a constant contact high could keep her from calling out anyone who flubs the details. Case in point: her recent Instagram comments.
After @marthastewart posted a photo of honey nut squash with a basic caption that just said, “Flavors of fall,” Stewart took it upon herself to leave a very pointed comment with suggested (read: mandatory) edits.
“How about cooking instructions? How do they look like cooked?” she wrote. In a separate comment, she added, “also add that honey nuts are a stone barns hybrid developed by blue hill jack algiere.”
Now, I don’t know if we should be more amused by the fact Martha Stewart has two active Instagram accounts, or that she uses one to troll the other. Actually, it’s definitely the latter, and this drag session has us flat-out laughing.
Of course, the account obliged to the boss and edited the caption to say: “Flavors of fall. Spotted by our culinary director @tojo827 in the test kitchen: ‘Honeynuts seasoned with sage, garlic, onion, brown sugar, olive oil, salt + pepper. Roast at 450 until sugars (both added and naturally occurring) are bubbling and squash is tender.’ Never seen a honey nut squash? They’re basically shrunken butternut squash, a @bluehilllfarm hybrid developed by farm director @jackalgiere.”
The hilarious exchange was captured by @commentsbycelebs, an account dedicated to finding every shady joke, clap-back, and sarcastic quip made by a celebrity, to a celebrity, on a celebrity account. In this case, that even includes their own. Stewart probably would have gone in and changed the caption herself, but fortunately for us amused onlookers, she probably doesn’t have the password.
Let this be a lesson to whoever’s running Stewart’s social accounts: don’t forget the details, especially when it comes to a fall staple like honey nut squash, or she will call you out.

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