Is There An Ina Garten & Antoni Porowski Collaboration In Our Near Futures?

Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images.
Last month, Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski told Refinery29 that he pushed to do more cooking on season 3, though it is a challenge "to do in a segment that’s often a minute and a half to two minutes long to show a whole recipe." Well, he now has the perfect example to follow in Ina Garten's latest Instagram post. The video also uncovered that the two TV chefs are in a mutual fan club!
"People think vinaigrette is really hard to make, and it's so easy," the Barefoot Contessa says in her short Instagram video. The food TV icon then proceeds to whip up a dressing with just four ingredients: lemon juice, salt, pepper, and olive oil. ("Good olive oil," she emphasizes cheekily.)
Garten also demonstrates a mind-blowing hack. For salads she's making in advance, she pours the dressing into the bowl first, and then adds the lettuce and other ingredients on top. She doesn't mix it until she's ready to serve.
Porowski was one of hundreds to comment on the video right away, writing, "Legend."
Actually the recipe looks a lot like one of the very manageable recipes he might teach one of the subjects on a Queer Eye episode. We don't think Garten would mind too much if he copied this idea.
"@antoni Love your show!! xxx Ina," she replied in the comments.
His appearance in the comment threat inspired many fans of both chefs to call for a collaboration.
"The crossover episode the world needs right now," wrote @tranquil_mood.
We may have to wait a little while for that. Porowski just opened his new restaurant Village Den in NYC, while currently filming Queer Eye in Missouri and writing a cookbook. Come to think of it, maybe Garten could come in and sub for him for an episode, just so he can take a break.

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