How To Get Half Off Your Drink At Starbucks Today

Photographed by Nicole Maroon.
When Starbucks released its pumpkin spice lattes in August this year, we jokingly thought the company was jumping on the climate-change denial train. Fall still feels so very far away, even in mid-October. Today we’re getting something of a “JK!” From the coffee purveyors, as they’re offering a huge Happy Hour discount on Frappuccinos.
Starting at 3 pm on Thursday (October 11), you can get any Frappuccino, size grande or larger, for 50% off. If you haven’t already signed up for Happy Hour discounts, go to and hand over your name and email address. (Thankfully you don't need to come up with a password for this one.) You'll get a code to show your barista for the delicious taste of half off.
So, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says we're all doomed, even if the world meets its Paris agreement goal of limiting global warming to 2.7 degrees F. We could all be living in barren deserts or house boats in a few decades. It's 80 degrees in New York right now. We might as well cry into a salted caramel mocha Frap while we still can. (And then maybe donate the money you saved today to some kind of environmental cause?)

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