This Is Why You'll Never Catch Up On Your Netflix Queue

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
You're not imagining it: There is a lot of television to watch these days. One minute, everyone is talking about NBC's This Is Us, but by the time you're finally caught up with the Pearsons and their tragic slowcooker accident, the world has moved on to a cultural conversation about what the Valley Beyond is on HBO's Westworld.
One might think that Netflix could be a reprieve from the week-to-week ratrace to catch up with your latest TV shows — after all, most of the streaming service's programs are released all at once, allowing ample time to binge at one's leisure. Alas, new evidence reveals that, no: No matter how hard you try, you'll never actually catch up with Stranger Things, Black Mirror, Atypical, BoJack Horseman, 13 Reasons Why, or whatever else is in your (likely endless) Netflix queue.
The reason? Netflix now has more original content than ever before. According to a new report from Wall Street firm Cowen & Co., per Variety, Netflix has reached an all-time high of original TV shows and movies in the third quarter of 2018. The actual number is a whopping 676 hours of originals, which equates to just over 28 days of content. And, as a reminder: That's just a few months of content, from just a small fraction of the shows that the company has released this year.
Got any sick days at work? You may want to use them, if you're ever going to binge through Maniac, watch the raved-about To All The Boys I've Loved Before, or finally see what all the fuss is about with The End of the F****** World.
Things won't be slowing down for Netflix: According to Variety, by the end of 2018, the streaming service will boast 700 original TV shows. Suddenly, watching This Is Us on a weekly basis doesn't seem quite so daunting after all — though we may not have time if we have to watch every episode of Ozark first.
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