Police Find Hundreds Of Videotapes In Home Of Accused Serial Rapist

In July, Michigan police arrested 60-year-old Gilbert Conway on charges he raped 6 women between 2009 and 2018. He's pleaded not guilty to 77 criminal counts related to these kidnappings and sexual assaults.
At the time of the arrest, law enforcement discovered over 500 videotapes in Conway's home and believe he may be responsible for — and might have recorded — more assaults, possibly going back decades. This week, commissioners in Genessee County set aside $20,000 to digitize the VHS and Hi8 cassettes into a modern format in an attempt to locate more victims. Hi8 and VHS tapes were used in camcorders from the 1990s.
FBI agents working with Flint police will be able to examine all of the footage once it's been converted. They believe Conway had a video taping system set up in his home. Some of the tapes run eight hours long.
"We believe he videotapes the sex assaults while he commits them. Once we view them, we are going to try and identify additional victims," Gennessee County Prosecuter David Leyton told WEYI-TV.
According to ABC12, prosecutors believe Conway preyed on dancers at clubs and bars, including the Diamond Girls Show Bar, in Flint, Michigan, where he was a regular. Women there didn't know his name but immediately recognized his face when news of Conway's arrest broke.
Conway is currently being held in jail. His next court date is October 17.

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