You're Going To Need This Haunting Of Hill House Character Guide

The first episode of Netflix's new horror show, The Haunting of Hill House, out October 12, proceeds like a carousel of stunning brunettes. The episode slowly introduces us to the seven core members of the genetically blessed and spiritually cursed Crain family, who moved to Hill House for a summer decades prior. In the present, the repercussions of that summer still haunt them.
Cleverly, Hill House shows two versions of these main characters: Their younger selves in Hill House, and their haggard selves in the present. It's what makes the show work. It's also what makes the show so confusing initially. You might find yourself pausing to keep track of the Crains. While you're pausing, you might as well stop and look for all the ghosts hidden within many of the frames.
Let's save you time and brain cells: Here's a run-down of each of the Crain family members, as well as the actors who play them. There's actually a ton of cross-over between the actors' IMDB pages, and that's largely thanks to Mike Flanagan, the show's creator. Flanagan has cast these actors, including his wife and co-collaborator Katie Siegel, in many of his past works.

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