The October New Moon Will Ask Us To Find Balance

produced by Julie Borowsky; modeled by Kokie Childers; photographed by Rochelle Brock.
If you regularly follow your horoscope and the phases of the moon, it's easy to feel like the skies are always bossing you around: telling you to get your life in order, confront your toxic friend, or something else you just aren't dying to do.
For all the good that these all-business astrological events can offer (we'll bet that last month's new moon in Virgo got at least a few of you to tackle your to-do lists), sometimes it's nice when a celestial wakeup call lets us ease into the work it's calling on us to complete. Luckily, one such lunar phase is on the way. Next Monday's new moon will occur in the sign of Libra, asking us to seek grace, communicate clearly, and, okay, maybe do a tiny bit of work. Trust us, it'll be worth it.
If you've never observed a new moon, it's pretty simple: At this point in the lunar cycle, the moon loses all illumination and is seemingly invisible in the night sky. In short, it's not exactly a visually stunning phase — and its spiritual associations mirror that subtlety. This is supposedly a good time to commune with your inner self, reflect on changes you want to make in your life, and determine how you might put those plans in motion.
When the new moon arrives in Libra, that reflective energy is turned on our relationships and interactions with others. You may find yourself wondering whether some of your partnerships are as balanced as you want them to be. You might realize you could be making more progress with a coworker if you tried communicating with them differently. Libra is the sign of harmony — when it's hosting the pensive new moon, it's going to urge us to find that easy flow of energy in ourselves, then project it outward to those around us.
That said, this new moon won't be great for dealing with conflicts head-on. Libra likes to glide along the surface rather than dive into any one issue, so try not to fixate on anything too complicated. Instead, reflect on how you can make your life easier for the moment — and lay down a plan to tackle the more challenging aspects of your life in the near future. Scorpio season is right around the corner, and we know how much that sign loves to dig deep.

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