Cardi B Just Endorsed Cynthia Nixon After Nicki Minaj Backed Cuomo

Cardi B has officially endorsed Cynthia Nixon to be the next governor of New York. The performer shared a passionate post on Instagram, shouting out the candidate and encouraging fans to go vote before polls close. Cardi's endorsement is notable for two reasons: first, she is encouraging her 32.7 million followers to go vote. Hell ya! Second, she is sharing this endorsement just one day after Nicki Minaj publicly supported Nixon's opponent, the incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo on her own social media accounts.
While Cardi, a born and bred New Yorker, is likely genuinely endorsing Nixon and Jumaane Williams, who is running for lieutenant governor on a progressive platform, fans were anticipating Cardi's endorsement based on the growing divide between her and Minaj. This is a big move for the heated races between both Nixon and Cuomo, as well as Cardi and Minaj.
P.S. — The polls actually close at 9 p.m., as Nixon herself notes in her tweet thanking Cardi for her support.

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