Did Ashley Benson & Cara Delevingne Just Make Things Instagram Official?

Photo: Isabel Infantes/PA Images.
Amid press for their upcoming film Her Smell, Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson may have just confirmed their rumored relationship. Hard emphasis on the "may" here. The gist of the confirmation is that Benson appears to have commented "mine" on one of Delevingne's Instagram photo, a subtle but definite sign that something's happening. Though Benson's comment has since been deleted, People has the proof.
However, this matter has been complicated by the fact that Benson's account was apparently hacked. Benson posted on Instagram this morning that she got off a plane (probably from Toronto) to discover that someone had wormed their way into her Instagram account. The implication, then, might be that the comment came from a hacker.
Delevingne and Benson have had rumors surrounding them since May of this year, when fans spotted them kissing in various spots around New York City. (One person tweeted that the couple was "making out" in the audience at Saturday Night Live.) Paparazzi later caught them kissing in Heathrow airport. Benson appears to be wearing a necklace with a "C" around her neck these days, a very Taylor Swift-esque relationship move. On one of Benson's Instagram photos where Benson is clearly wearing her "C" necklace, Delevingne commented, "I spy..." as if to alert the Insta-obsessives that this was absolutely a relationship. There's also this photo, which features a blonde shaggy bob in the background that may or may not belong to Delevingne.
Benson and Delevingne haven't finished their press for Her Smell, an Alex Ross-Perry-directed epic about women rockstars, so there's still a chance that, in some interview or another, they'll finally pony up the truth.

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