A Guide To JWoww & Angela’s Iconic Jersey Shore Feud

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Season two of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation has taken the reality in "reality TV" to heart, delivering raw and shocking footage as Ronnie Magro's toxic relationship and custody issues suck all the screen time from other cast members. So, you might have been puzzled by the animosity between Jenni Farley and Angelina Pavarnick during Thursday night's episode.
Angelina, the self-dubbed Kim Kardashian of Staten Island, shows up to Las Vegas after Nicole Polizzi invites her to join the cast for season two. When she arrives, Jenni and Angelina can barely hide their irritation at the mere sight of each other. They have a history of animosity, though.
Most recently, the two had a heated exchange on social media after Angelina's brief stint on last season's Family Vacation in Miami. Angelina, an EMT, posted a now-deleted Instagram photo of a mug with the words "Jersey Whore" emblazoned on it. In the caption, she made sure it was super clear who the message was directed at: “TOMORROW IS MY RETURN ON @jerseyshore !!!! Can’t wait for you all to see,” she wrote. “I will be sipping my TEA out of my amazing cup I dedicate to @jwoww #IMBACK #KEEPHATIN #jealousyisadisease.”
Jenni had a retort ready to go, as she slid into the photo's comments section, writing, "Who’s following who?! Jealous of what? Your third engagement or third chance in the house? You want me to show u the door … again #statenislanddump."
But the real crux of their feud actually goes back to season 2 of the original iteration of the series, when the gang up and moved down to Miami for summer of 2010. Having caught Ronnie cheating on then-girlfriend Sammi Giancola, Angelina shared the information with Jenni and Nicole, but refused to do so with Sammi. "Sam does look like a fool because she doesn't know what Ronnie does behind her back," Angelina says in a confessional after yet another one of Ronnie's questionable and philandering outings to the club. "He's not going to tell her anything and I feel like it's not my position to say anything either."
Angelina's refusal to take action left Jennia and Nicole no choice but to write that now infamous "anonymous" warning letter to Sammi. Obviously, as secrets do in the shore house, the truth blew up in Ronnie's face, sucking Jenni and Nicole into the couple's bitter argument.
Feeling betrayed by the girls, the letter led to a shocking physical fight between Sammi and Jenni, and another one between Nicole and Angelina. The arguments that followed put a real dent in Jenni and Sammi's friendship.
A decade later, that scandalous argument and Sammi's public humiliation are still haunting Jenni and Nicole. "Angelina was telling me these things like ‘Ron did this at the club,’ ‘Ron did that.’ I was with Sam. So I was 50-50 torn between Sam and Ron," Jenni said to Refinery29 reporter Ariana Romero.
She added: "But [per] Girl Code, I was like, ‘She needs to know, but she shouldn’t be hearing it from me because I actually didn’t see it.... Eight years later, it still haunts us.... I was torn and I was pissed [because] I had a really close relationship with Ron. But at the end of the day, if one of my friends is doing something wrong, I will always have a problem with that. I actually never saw it — Angelina did. This is why we have… had a problem.”
And that brings us back to Las Vegas, where Jenni spent most of her time seething at Angelina, while the Staten Island-native spent most of her time being defensive. If half a decade couldn't mend ties between the women, it's doubtful a few weeks in Vegas will. What happens in the Jersey Shore doesn't stay in the Jersey Shore.

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