Is DJ Khaled The Next Chrissy Teigen-Level Lifestyle Guru? An Investigation

Photo: John Parra/Getty Images..
When you think of celebrities whose domestic lives you might like to model your own after, chances are, DJ Khaled isn't the first person that comes to mind. Or even, like, the 45th. The DJ and producer is best known for club-ready hits where he states his name in a deep, booming voice and announces matter-of-factly: "We Da Best." Hard to argue with that, but the guy's not exactly the second coming of Martha Stewart. Or... is he? Hear me out for a second.
Last week, DJ Khaled, whose given name is Khaled Mohamed Khaled, announced the release of a home goods collection sold on the website Goldition. Dubbed "We The Best Home," it's about what you'd expect from a line of home furnishings designed by a man who probably spends most of his time in nightclub VIP rooms and lavish hotel suites (and whose own home looks like this). There's an $1,800 gold sofa, a glass-top table upheld by two gold lion figurines, and a literal throne chair for $2,500.
While it's certainly got panache, I'm not sure who, exactly, the target audience for this collaboration is. Other obscenely wealthy DJs? The cast of The Jersey Shore? The people in charge of furnishing nightclub VIP rooms? Basically, the whole thing would be easy enough to write off as a publicity stunt, if not for the fact that, earlier this year, Khaled was announced as a new brand ambassador for a company known for turning mere celebrities into full-fledged lifestyle gurus.
The company is Weight Watchers, and whatever your feelings about it, an ambassadorship certainly feels like a stepping stone to the 'lifestyle mogul' sphere. Oprah Winfrey has a longterm partnership with the company (she also sits on its board of directors), and Jessica Simpson, who also has a lucrative womenswear brand, has worked with them since 2014. Other celebrity spokespeople include Jennifer Hudson and Sarah Ferguson, Dutchess of York. While we don't endorse diet programs, being a spokesperson for one, in addition to having a home goods line, really does position Khaled as an unlikely lifestyle guru of sorts. Hey, it's 2018. Much stranger things have happened.
Again, his target audience, especially when it comes to all these Goldmember-esque home fixtures, is something of a mystery. It's safe to say it's probably not the same one reached by Martha, Chrissy, or Gwyneth. But mark my words: This isn't the last we'll of DJ Khaled, Lifestyle Guru. After all, he is, in his own words, the best.
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