Grab Your Girls & Be The Ocean's 8 Squad For Halloween

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures.
Before venturing into the depths of a Halloween costume how-to, let's take a quick temp check: Have you ever been tempted to drastically game the system? Do you often suspect that your wildest dreams are within reach if you could only get your hands on a little more cash? Are you attracted to shiny objects? Do you have seven friends?
If the answers to any of these question are yes, then you, my friend, have the makings of an Ocean's 8 Halloween costume on your hands. And when it comes to Ocean's 8, a costume is not just about fashion. It's about attitude, too. Never again will "criminal" be associated with zorro-mask bank robbers or people wearing V for Vendetta masks. After Ocean's 8, which was released in June, we know that criminals can rock the Met Gala better than celebrities.
We've compiled the essential ingredients that make for a convincing Ocean's 8 costume, from Debbie Ocean's sleek get-ups to Daphne Kluger's fuchsia masterpiece. Here is what you'll need if you want to dress up like a glamorous criminal on Halloween.

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