Halle Berry Just Called Out Prince Harry For Having A Thirsty Poster Of Her In His Dorm Room

Photo: Tim Graham Picture Library/Getty Images.
There is a lot to unpack in these photos of Prince Harry in his dorm room at Eton College from the early 2000s. The CD player! Cup of tea! Is that a thing of Axe Body Spray? However, there's one part of the picture that caught the attention of one Halle Berry — because wouldn't you do a double take if you saw yourself on the wall of a Prince of England?
Just above Prince Harry's head is a poster of Berry, meaning the Duke of Sussex has a soft spot for the X-Men actress. And when Prince Harry has a crush on you — no matter how schoolboy — I imagine a million harps start going off in your brain, prompting Berry to call out the post on Twitter.
"Ok #PrinceHarry, I see you!" she wrote, along with the hashtag "#HalleBerryPosta."
And there's a reason she tagged Missy Elliot in that tweet. Earlier this month, the two women shared a cute moment on Twitter with Berry referenced a lyric from Missy Elliot's song "Work It," "Let's get drunk, that's gonna bring us closer/ Don't I look like a Halle Berry poster?"
Now we just need someone to confirm that Prince Harry had a "Missy Elliot" CD in that huge CD player, and things will have really come full circle.

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