Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss Finally Put Those Rumors About Them To Rest

Photo: Joel Ryan/Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock.
The spell has been broken! The prophecy fulfilled! Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift, pop culture's favorite will-they-or-won't-they friendship, will they-ed this weekend when Kloss attended Swift's concert in Nashville, Tennessee. Kloss and Swift have a storied friendship, one fostered at Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows (Swift has performed at two) and solidified over boat rides on the River Thames. Kloss and Swift stopped appearing in photos together in late 2016, right around the time Swift stopped posting on Instagram altogether. Their friendship, at least the outward-facing part of it, appeared to have ended. Rumors abounded. Even Jennifer Lawrence wanted to know what happened. (At a TimesTalk in February, Lawrence admitted that if she were a spy, this is what she'd investigate. Make that Re-e-e-ed Sparrow.) In March of this year, though, Kloss told the Times regarding the relationship, "Don't believe everything you read."
Kloss got engaged earlier this year, and fans tsk-tsk'd when Swift did not post on Instagram celebrating Kloss' engagement. But Kloss did post about Swift's concert on Instagram, declaring that she was proud of her pop star friend. There's one piece of evidence for Jennifer Lawrence's dossier.

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