Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 15, Episode 4 Recap: The End Of The Feud As We Know It

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Welcome to the safest, most contoured space on the Internet: A space where we can openly discuss, dissect, and indulge in the greatest show of our time, Keeping Up With The Kardashian. Good news! The Kourtney-Khloé-Kim Kardashian drama is still alive and well, and we finally know who is on whose side. The Christmas plans are causing drama, Scott Disick's been forgiven for his Art Basel screw up, and someone's been poisoning Kris Jenner (sort of). It's also Christmas in Calabasas so grab your eggnog, and cross your fingers you won't get coal instead of that new Kylie Jenner Lip Kit you've been begging Santa for.
Here's everything the family got into this week on KUWTK during episode 4, "Nightmare Before Christmas." (P.S — Whoever wrote this episode's title is definitely #TeamKim because I'm pretty sure it's implying that Kourtney is the nightmare. Poor Kourt.)
#TeamKim or #TeamKourtney?
Ah yes, the feud we've all been following since the premiere. We had a break from the drama last week so that we could get a little more insight into Khloé's pregnancy – namely her fears and anxieties around her growing body, especially since this is her first child. But now, it's back on and alliances are forming. In one corner it's Kim, Khloé, Kris, and Scott. Kim and Khloé are bonding a lot over Khloé's pregnancy, and the two can't resist proclaiming that they are best friends and closer than they've ever really been. Scott's on Kim and Khloé's side because of some Christmas party drama which we'll get to in a minute. Kris, a wildcard, is anti-Kourtney enough that she believes Kim's joke that Kourtney is poisoning her. (It's pretty dumb, but yes, that is a running joke in the episode. She's not poisoning her mom, for the record. It was actually Kris' new hormone supply.)
In Kourtney's corner there's Kendall and Younes and that's about it. Kylie's sitting this one out for the most part to focus on her pregnancy which is a wise move. Kourtney confides in Kendall about how isolated she feels and how fed up with her sisters she is, and Kendall agrees. Kourtney tells Kendall about Kim's biting remark that she is the "least interesting to look at," and Kendall looks disgusted. "Do you see what people say about me compared to you," Kourtney vents to her little sister, acting out what she really wanted to say to Kim, but didn't. "[People say] that you have cellulite covering your ass?" Ouch.
But in the blink of an eye, the feud is eventually settled (for now) when Kourtney (after being convinced by Kendall) agrees to not only attend the Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day celebrations, but also agrees to let Scott attend, too. The evening goes on without a hitch (even with Younes and Scott in attendance). The sisters are finally in a better place because they can't be mad on the holidays! Christmas is the Kardashian family's shit. It heals all wounds.
Secret Stormi
We have a little more insight about the timeline of Kylie an Khloé's pregnancies. Kylie is 3 months ahead of Khloé, and she is hesitant to reveal that she is pregnant because she doesn't want to take Kylie's moment. But, in Kylie's first appearance in the show this season, she tells Khloé that she actually isn't ever going to announce her pregnancy. "I don't think I am ever going to announce I'm pregnant," Kylie tells Khloé over the phone at Kim's urging. "I don't want to be in the spotlight. I just want to be low-key." (Although she didn't reveal her pregnancy herself until after she had Stormi, nothing about her pregnancy was low-key.)
But even with Kylie's blessing, Khloé has a few other mental barriers between her and being seen in public while pregnant. She's really afraid, at 5 months, that she isn't showing enough to look pregnant, but is showing enough to look "chubby." (Of course, there is no one way to look pregnant — no harm in look chubby, skinny, or anything in between and beyond.) Khloé is actually terrified to leave her place. "I can't leave the house," she says while ordering groceries to be delivered to her home. "Everyone's nosey." Kim is starting to get concerned because she doesn't want her sister to be a hermit. "You haven't left in weeks," Kim says and reminds Khloé of her extremely pregnant paparazzi shots, including one in which even her "Havianas are struggling." So Kim, as Khloé's self-appointed best friend, makes it her mission to get Khloé out of the house (Tristan Thompson is presumably in Cleveland, Ohio for basketball season.) They go to get drive-thru pizza and then toilet paper their mom's house, because isn't that just the best stress relief?
We also hear from Khloé about her now-iconic pregnancy announcement. She opens up about how the photograph, taken after she had Kylie's blessing, really made everything about the pregnancy feel "real."
This minor Khloé-Kylie pregnancy plot line also put a big rumor to rest: It doesn't appear that Kris was orchestrating some mass Kardashian-Jenner pregnancy. In fact, she's just been a normal, overbearing, supportive mom. I don't think there's any Kris voo-doo at work after all.
The Guest List
As mentioned earlier, some heated words were shared regarding the annual Kardashian Christmas Eve party. The whole family, except for Kourtney, wants Scott to come to the party. They bitch at her about being too precious to invite her ex, and imply that she needs to invite him for the greater good. Meanwhile, Kendall is sitting there absolutely tomato-faced. "Oh and you didn't have a relationship with my dad for 25 years?" she practically screams at her mom. Kris barely reacts, and the other sisters fail to recognize the deep irony that the reasons they are bullying Kourtney into inviting Scott, are the same reasons that Kris isn't inviting Caitlyn Jenner. Later, Kourtney and Kendall discuss the exchange again, and Kendall's on Kourtney's side about Scott. In that same conversation, Kendall tries to being up Caitlyn again, and Kourtney ignores it again! Even though they're on the same "side." "It blew my mind that no one understood the comparison," Kendall says to Kourtney, who just nods. Kendall is really trying to talk about how she feels about her dad, and legit no one is listening to her. In the end, Caitlyn was apparently invited but chose not to attend.
Our weekly round-up of the craziest one-liners from the episode (these are all out of context because it makes them funnier):
"We're doing the 25 days of Christmas." — Kim
"You mean the 12 days of Christmas." — Mary Jo
"...[ponders] Well, we're doing 25 days of Christmas." — Kim
"She's a weirdo these days." — Khloé
"No, major." — Kim
"Major." — Khloé
"I could do a tell-all." — Scott
"We can rule out the water." — Kris
"Absurd." — Khloé
"Ahb-surd." — Kim
"Absurd." — Khloé
"...Absurd." — Kim
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