Azealia Banks Offers Apology To Elon Musk For "Catfight" With Grimes

Update August 26, 2018: The saga continues. After Azealia Banks caused an uproar on the internet with the saga to leave Elon Musk's house, she has offered an apology to Musk.
In the note, shared on Instagram and which Banks says she sent to Musk a few days prior, she explained that Grimes had, in the course of their conversation planning to record some tracks together, shared a lot of "personal" information that made Banks feel "feel awkward and uncomfortable."
"This was not how I wanted to say hello," Banks wrote, and asked to meet Musk properly.
The full note is below.
Update August 21, 2018: While Azealia Banks has reportedly left Elon Musk's house, the drama is still unfolding.
"They bring me out there on the premise that we would hang and make music," Banks told Business Insider. "But his dumbass kept tweeting and tucked his dick in between his ass cheeks once shit hit the fan."
By "shit hit the fan," she means the market reaction to Musk's controversial tweet about taking his company Tesla private.
That wasn't the only fallout. After Banks continued to post what appear to be screenshots of conversations with Grimes, Musk and the musician reportedly unfollowed each other on Instagram, and Musk unfollowed Grimes on Twitter. He also deleted his Instagram account. All of this prompted speculation of a breakup, though reps for neither party has immediately responded to Refinery29's request for comment.
Original story published below on August 13, 4:45 p.m.
I don't know what it bodes for the rest of this week that the first thing I saw this morning was Azealia Banks accusing Elon Musk and Grimes of "some weird threesome sex shit," but I don't like it. In a series of partially-deleted Instagram stories that followers screenshotted and put on Twitter, the singer claims to have been hanging out alone at Musk's house waiting for Grimes "for days" for a potential music collaboration.
"Literally been sitting at Elon Musk’s house alone for days waiting for Grimes to show up and start these sessions," she wrote in a now-deleted post, according to Billboard. "I have no idea when she is coming back. I’m going to wait one more day then I’m going to go home."
The longer she's allegedly been there, the more she's attacked the couple on Instagram, and the more confused we've all been about what exactly is going down. How did she get there? Why is she alone? And, is this whole situation real life or just some Mad Libs game the universe is playing at our expense? Let's break it down.

So, Elon Musk and Grimes are dating?

Yes, welcome. The Tesla titan and the indie musician were reported to be "quietly dating" in May by Page Six shortly before they made their couple debut on the Met Gala red carpet. This is interesting because the words "Tesla titan" and "indie musician" don't necessarily go hand in hand, sparking a Jenny Slate/Chris Evans or Pete Davidson/Ariana Grande type fascination in the public. Before this, Musk was dating Amber Heard, but the couple broke up last summer.

And, Grimes and Azealia Banks know each

Banks claims she was invited to Musk's house to collaborate with Grimes on some music, which she had previously announced back in July. While Grimes' last album, Art Angels, was in 2015, she's recently collaborated with artists like LOONA yyxy and Janelle Monáe. However, Banks then canceled her album Fantasea II because she needed "some time to relax and bounce on dick." However, this trip would indicate that she has finished up with her dick-bouncing and is ready to return to music. Grimes, however, is apparently not as ready.

Where is Grimes?

While Grimes' reps have not responded to Refinery29's request for comment, Banks has apparently not seen the singer since she arrived in L.A. a few days ago. In one Instagram story, Banks accuses Grimes of having the nerve "to go ghost" and book her a first class flight out of L.A. — meaning she probably isn't coming back any time soon.

Where is Musk?

Also not home, apparently!

What claims is Azealia making?

Some pretty crazy ones. Most of them have been deleted or expired, but they include accusing Grimes and Musk of inviting her for the purpose of "some weird threesome sex shit" after Grimes allegedly told her "how [Musk] thinks I'm hot." She also posted (and deleted) speculation that Musk was on Twitter while on drugs — something a spokesperson for Musk told Refinery29 is "absolute nonsense."

So should we believe Banks?

That's up to you. A rep for Banks has not returned Refinery29's request for comment. Let's just recall some of these other recent headlines about Banks:

How should I feel right now?

Probably like Amber Heard — concerned, but sooooo not your problem anymore.

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