Now You Can Add Pumpkin Spiced Rum To Your PSL

Calling all fall fanatics!
Captain Morgan has released a pumpkin spice rum called Jack-O-Blast. It’s all the mystifying, mouthwatering fall fun we know as pumpkin spice at 30% ABV. The limited run flavor comes in a round orange bottle with a green handle, so it looks like — well, you know. You can’t miss the only pumpkin-shaped bottle on liquor stores shelves.
It’s a natural fit, since spiced rums often contain nutmeg and cinnamon flavors. I’m no expert (unless drinking your weight in faux-pumpkin beverages counts as expertise) but I’m pretty sure those are two cornerstone spices for whatever exactly the existential edible experience that is pumpkin spice.
If you’re thinking August might be too soon for the guard liquor to debut, you are exactly wrong. Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte — the beverage that launched a thousand sips — has pushed release dates earlier and earlier each year. This year we have reason to believe that the PSL will be rearing its carved head as early as August — that’s now.
That’s right, any day now we could could be blessed with the caffeinated concoction I thought couldn’t get any better — until now. Because now it can also be alcoholic. This is really going to shake up the afternoon coffee game. And until the temperature drops, I'll just order it iced.

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