All The Clues We Have To Understanding The Sinner's Creepy Cult

Photo: Peter Kramer/USA Network.
The latest season of The Sinner is heating up, and that means mysteries are afoot. The season premiere began by dropping hints about the childhood trauma of detective Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman). The second episode, “Part II,” starts delving into the cult tied up in the double homicide of two of its members: Bess McTeer (Ellen Adair) and Adam Lowry (Adam David Thompson). The murderer is a 13-year-old boy named Julian (Elisha Henig) whose mother is the leader of the cult, Vera Walker (Carrie Coon).
In “Part II,” we get the name of that cult, Mosswood Grove, and visit it for the first time. There are a lot of people wearing very cozy-looking loungewear doing manual labor.
Since it seems Mosswood is the key to understanding why a child like Julian killed two people, it's time we figure the entire “community” out. Keep reading for all the clues that may help us unlock the mystery that is Mosswood. And, of course that giant weird barn rock is part of the investigation.
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