The Most Undeniably Crazy College Parties In Movie History

Man, isn't the movie version of college just spectacular? Classwork is a hazy dream that evaporates with the introduction of a more pressing plot line. Friends are always available. There's always a love interest around the corner. And not only are the parties frequent — they're always fun, too.
When I was a moony-eyed 18-year-old preparing to go to college, I truly expected each of my Friday nights to hold an epic evening like they did in the raucous college movies I watched while my parents weren't looking. Instead, I spent many a Friday night holed up in the library. And when I did go out, none of the parties featured the coordinated, elaborate grand scale of these movie college parties.
So, instead of regretting my relatively tame college experience, I'll watch these movie scenes and let the memories of movie parties sow seeds into my memory. In a couple of years, maybe, I'll mistake a scene from The House Bunny as something that actually happened to me, and my impression of college will become one epic rage-r stronger.

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