Angelina Jolie Claims Brad Pitt Has Made No "Meaningful" Child Support Payments

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Update: The latest details in the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce case are getting even more convoluted. Jolie's representative released a statement just a day after news broke that her team filed a court brief declaring Pitt has not been paying a "meaningful" amount of child support.
In a statement to Us Weekly, her rep said: “The aim of Angelina’s routine court filing is to provide closure to the marriage in a way that clears a path toward the next stage of their lives and allows her and Brad to recommit as devoted coparents to their children."
TMZ reports that sources familiar with the proceedings confirm Pitt has paid millions in child support since the couple's 2016 separation. Representation for Pitt and Jolie did not immediately respond to Refinery29's requests for comment.
This story was originally published August 7.
While Jennifer Aniston is out here teaching America that it is possible to be a fully-formed woman with no children, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are having another public face-off. According to documents made available to NBC News, Pitt has not been paying a "meaningful" amount of child support. Jolie's attorney, Samantha Bley DeJean, filed a two-page brief in Los Angeles Superior Court stating: "As of present, [Pitt] has paid no meaningful child support since separation."
The documents did not clarify what "meaningful" is referring to, but it does note that Pitt has allegedly not made these "meaningful" payments in months. "Given the informal arrangements around the payment of the children's expenses have not been regularly sustained by [Pitt] for over a year and a half, [Jolie] intends to file an RFO for the establishment of a retroactive child support order," it states. However, a source close to Pitt tells Refinery29 that "Brad fulfills his commitments."
Since announcing their divorce in September of 2016, the couple has had a shockingly hostile separation. The two are in a custody battle, only revealing how intense the battle has become through court filings like this, or in vague interviews like Jolie to Vanity Fair in September of 2017 when she said, "We’re all just healing from the events that led to the filing. [The children are] not healing from divorce. They’re healing from some...from life, from things in life."
This story has been updated with additional reporting.

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