Reddit's Favorite Indie Brand Sold Out In 3 Hours — But There's Good News

Update: It took less than three hours for Stratia to completely sell out of its 25%-off stock to make room for new inventory featuring new and improved packaging, which is bad news for anyone who was hoping to snag the cult-favorite Liquid Gold for under $20. The good news, however, is that the brand's new look has officially arrived — and it's sleeker, more travel-friendly, and not a single cent more expensive than the original price.
The relaunch is a big moment for Stratia, which has flown safely under the radar since its launch in May of 2016, and for founder Alli Reed, who's since turned the growing company into her full-time job. This gimmick-free brand is on the brink of something big — and new packaging is just the start.
This story was originally published on July 31, 2018.
There is the $135-billion global skin-care market, which operates under the (correct) assumption that all it really takes to win over the consumer is the perfect brew of buzz and marketing strategy, and then there is Reddit's SkincareAddiction forum, whose members pride themselves on using research and results to inform their next (usually budget-friendly) purchase. While scanning the thousands of active threads, you'll frequently come across brands the average Sephora VIB has never heard of, but that have achieved cult-like status among the subreddit's in-the-know armchair experts.
Stratia is one of those brands — and right now, while supplies last (which is to say, not for long), its affordable science-backed lineup is on flash sale for 25% off.
As explained in an Instagram announcing the deep discount, the indie brand (owned and operated by Alli Reed, a Los Angeles-based aspiring screenwriter and part-time skin-care entrepreneur) is in the process of a packaging overhaul, which means all the old stock must go to make room. For $18 instead of the usual $24, you can score Stratia's superhero product, the fatty acid-packed yet lightweight Liquid Gold; the fast-absorbing hydrating serum-essence hybrid Rewind is available for just $12, down from $16.
The sale just went live an hour ago, but two of the products (Fortify and Soft Touch AHA) have already sold out completely. So if you're in the market for some of Reddit's favorite skin care on a 12-hours-until-payday budget, there's no time to waste. Shop now, and then tell all your friends — after you've safely checked out and received your order confirmation email, of course.

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