Why Doesn't The Bachelorette Show The Men's Real Personalities?

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I haven't exactly kept quiet about how I think this has been a boring season of The Bachelorette. More so than usual, I'm having trouble finding a guy to root for, since they all seem (with the exception of producer-fueled options like Jordan) to more or less have the same vague, nice, cookie-cutter personality. That's why I was shocked — shocked, I tell you — to stumble upon this video posted by Colton Underwood on Instagram. The former Bachelorette contestant and upcoming Bachelor in Paradise star was hanging out with other season 14 favorites Jason Tartick and Joe Amabile, and took a video of himself and Tartick mimicking Amabile's frequent attempts to review food on Instagram, accent and all.
Some things I learned from this video:
1. Tartick can do an incredible Amabile impression.
2. He has good comedic timing.
3. Underwood cannot do a good Amabile impression.
4. But he's also very funny!
This is more than I learned about their personalities during the entire season, and now I'm actually bummed that both of them were sent home.
To further prove my point, here's another video on Underwood's account, this time featuring Connor Obrochta and John Graham. Did we know Underwood had these moves? Did we know Graham had a sense of humor?

Monday mood. @iam_cjo @johngraham262 ???‍♂️

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And why wasn't this moment, posted on David Ravitz's gram, ever captured on film?

Don’t be the first one to fall asleep ?? @chrisrandone #thebachelorette

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What's worse is that we know they HAVE this footage. We see it in the more relaxed clips at the end of each episode, and even in staged moments like this:
Our only hope for an exciting year for the franchise rests on Bachelor In Paradise. Luckily, last night's preview suggests that it won't disappoint.
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