This Cult-Favorite Bath Bomb Is Back — & It's Perfect For Treehuggers

It's fine, you can admit it: You've had your heart broken by Lush before. Once or twice a year, the body- and skin-care brand discontinues a handful of well-loved products to make room for new launches on the horizon. The annual purge makes sense — out with the old, in with the new, and all. But that doesn't stop fans from feeling betrayed by the news that their personal favorite bath bomb is disappearing from shelves and may never come back.
But! If they're really lucky — and they're not the only one who loves it — it just might. This week, Lush brought back the then-discontinued bath bomb Guardian of the Forest (which was originally pulled from shelves in 2017), a blue and green sphere that dissolves into an earthy explosion of cypress, oakmoss, and rosewood oil. And, of course, it looks really good in your tub — and on your Instagram Story (#Lushie #GuardianOfTheForest). As expected, fans are elated.
After Lush shared the announcement of the Guardian of the Forest's return on Instagram, the post quickly garnered over 97,000 likes... and enough comments to overload your average customer service center. But in true Lush fashion, the social team got to work answering the most frequently asked questions. So, if you're not aware, here are the most important things you need to know about Guardian of the Forest's return, if you so choose to buy it in bulk (you know you will)...
No, there's no lavender in this one (thankfully, for anyone with sensitive skin). The return isn't for a limited time — it's again a piece of the brand's permanent line. It's available online now, but will roll out to stores within the next two weeks. It's one of the few products Lush has miraculously decided to bring back from their collection graveyard, like Scrubee and Sleepy in the past. And possibly, most importantly, the name is key because product developer Jack Constantine (the same person behind the new Ariana Grande bath bomb) was partially inspired by the 1997 film Princess Mononoke while creating the look of this bath bomb, like how the root and tree details make your bath water look just like a "forest lagoon."
The only thing left to do is cross your fingers Lush brings back our other ill-fated favorites. Here's hoping we meet Sonic Death Monkey again some day soon...
Lush Guardian of the Forest, $7.95, available at Lush.

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