Sephora Is Giving Out Free Face Masks This Weekend, No Strings Attached

If there was ever a time to invest in some serious self-care, the last weekend in July feels like the perfect time. If you've been beach-hopping, farmer's market-ing, and hydrating with rosé for the past few weeks (or months), your body — and bank account — could both use some serious R&R.
Luckily, it looks like Sephora has somehow predicted our empty wallets and sunburnt, thirsty skin, and is throwing us all a long-weekend deal that beats any other we've seen this summer — because it doesn't require us to spend a single cent. Nope, it's not a misleading, mind-boggling buy-one get-one half-off, spend X-to-save Y pseudo-deal. It's a straightforward, 100% free giveaway that will give your skin a much-needed hard refresh before moving into August. (Can you believe it's almost August?)
Here's the story: This weekend — that's July 27th through the 29th — Sephora is giving away a free face mask to anyone who walks though the doors of a brick-and-mortar Sephora store. You don't need to be a card-holding VIB Rouge customer or camp out in a checkout line, just step inside and you'll get to pick between a Sephora Collection Rose or Pearl Sheet Mask free of charge.
Unlike when the grocery-store cashier gifts you a flimsy sticker as a consolation for your $134 purchase of snacks and shampoo, these free face masks are something to get excited over. Available in two different varieties — a moisturizing a rose and radiance brightening pearl — the hardest part will be picking the one you most want to try.
There's no real downside: Just stop in at some point this weekend and walk out with a complimentary $6 sheet mask for a total of $0. Now what are the chances we can find a rooftop bar pouring free rosé during happy hour on Friday?

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