3 Out Of Office Email Templates That Aren't Lame

The sun is shining, your vacation days have been approved, but don't break out your sunglasses just yet — you still have to set up your out of office message.
Out of office messages can be confusing. How formal should they be? How long is too long? Should I tell them that I'll be checking my email even if I planned to unplug for a bit? Should I just use what's already on Gmail?
There's really just one thing to remember with OOO messages: The whole point of an out of office message is to manage expectations. The last thing you want is for someone to be trying and unable to reach you with no idea of when they can expect a response.
There are three vital details that you want to make sure to include in any out of office message. First, be sure to include how long you'll be out. You don't want someone following up on an email when you're still out. Second, it's a good idea to be clear about how reachable you'll be. Will you be checking your work email once a day, a couple times a week, or not at all? Don't feel pressured to say that you'll be checking your emails if you really need the time away. Take that time! You've earned it. Third, make sure to give them a way to get in touch if their email can't wait, whether that is your cell number or a co-worker whose agreed to cover for you.
To get you one step closer to your vacation days, here are a few templates to get you started.
1) The Basic
Sorry I missed you! I'm taking some much needed time off in LOCATION doing FUN ACTIVITY, and will be unavailable from DATE - DATE, but will be checking my email periodically. If your message is urgent, contact PERSON. Otherwise, I'll get back to you as soon as I'm back in the office.
2) The Fun One
I’m currently out of the office —which means I’m probably busy doing one of the following:
A) Finally reading that book I said I'd read a year ago.
B) Reapplying sunscreen and hoping I didn't miss a spot.
C) Busting out those denim shorts I can't wear to the office.
Rest assured, I will be responding to emails when I return on DATE. For more time sensitive matters, you can reach out to PERSON.
3) The Emoji One
Hey! I'm ??? from DATE - DATE with limited access to my ?. If it is ⏰ sensitive, please ? PERSON. I'll be back in your ? shortly.
Now that you've written your out of office message, it's time to do the most important part: remembering to set it as your automatic response. There's nothing worse than a clear and concise out of office message that goes unused.

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