This 4-Month Retrograde Ends Today — Is Your Luck About To Change?

produced by Julie Borowsky; modeled by Kokie Childers; photographed by Rochelle Brock.
Our summer of retrogrades has seen its first exit. Today, July 10, Jupiter will end the retrograde that it started back in March. As you might recall, this isn't your average, chaos-inducing planetary retrograde. In general, Jupiter's backspins are thought to have a decelerating effect on our lives, urging us to look before we leap and make time to reflect on past actions. All in all, it was hardly terrible to live under this extra thoughtful influence.
But, for how forgiving the last four months might have been, some of us may make the transition out of this retrograde period more seamlessly than others.
If you struggled to adapt to the slow-motion effects of Jupiter retrograde this past spring, you'll probably be relieved to pick up the pace. And, if you're lucky, you won't just return to your everyday life's normal rhythm — you'll come back with a major spring in your step.
According to astrologer Jamie King's blog Astrology King, a common result of Jupiter going direct is a heightened sense of drive and motivation, especially among those whose normal approach to life could be described as "breakneck" (cough, Aries, Sagittarius, and Capricorn). If you count yourself as a member of this group, feel free to enjoy the unstoppable feeling that comes with direct Jupiter. But don't let those vibes erase your memories of the retrograde entirely. As tedious as it may have been for you, hopefully Jupiter's backspin reminded you to enjoy the ride (and forget your ultimate destination) every once in a while.
On the other hand, after four long months of taking life at a leisurely pace, some of us may feel left in the dust. The main lesson of any Jupiter retrograde is to make peace with gradual progress and delayed gratification, but that shouldn't be your only mode of behavior (even if you're a Taurus, Cancer, or Pisces, and prefer slower speeds anyway).
If you closed out this retrograde a more patient person (one who doesn't demand instant rewards and instead focuses on finding the time and space to do good work), that's great. But do remember that deadlines still exist and sometimes additional projects come out of the ether to throw off our best-laid plans. The start of this retrograde was meant to remind you it's okay to wait. Let the end of it remind you of your flexibility.
As the planet of wisdom, it's no wonder that Jupiter's retrogrades are often viewed as learning opportunities. Whatever your personal lesson was, keep it in mind now that this planet is direct. Your newfound Jupiterian wisdom will help keep you afloat when Mercury retrograde arrives later this month and Uranus' retrograde hits in early August.

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