How To Make The Most Of This Lucky Retrograde

Photo: Getty Images.
The moment we hear the word "retrograde," an astrological alarm bell goes off in our heads. Since Mercury retrogrades are the most common (and, arguably, the most annoying) planetary backspins we're subjected to, we tend to assume all other retrogrades similarly spell disaster. But that's a misconception on a cosmic scale. Jupiter enters a four-month retrograde period today, but don't panic. This planet's retrograde is arguably pretty lucky.
In general, Jupiter is associated with good fortune, wisdom, and progress. It can highlight how we might better reach our goals and urge us to meet them. When Jupiter turns retrograde, those effects are still there, but they might be slower to reach us.
Looked at one way, this period might inspire impatience, but it can be nice to move toward our achievements in slow motion — especially if, as it is often the case, we aren't totally sure how to reach our goals.
Jupiter retrogrades allow us more room for error than we would have normally. During, say, Mercury retrogrades, we tend to get punished for innocent slip-ups. Meanwhile, Jupiter welcomes experimentation, even at the risk of failure, as long as we learn from our mistakes by the time it turns direct.
In other words, this is about as forgiving as retrogrades get, and if you've been in a professional rut or have been struggling to make a tough decision, you'll want to take full advantage of it. Ahead, we've rounded up four ways you can make the most of 2018's Jupiter retrograde. You have from now until July 10 to give them a try.