Dunkin' Donuts Is Releasing Donut Fries Nationwide

Back in April, nearly everyone who fits into the Venn diagram of Instagram users and sweets lovers experienced some serious FOMO when several lucky diners shared photos of an exclusive menu innovation from Dunkin' Donuts. The many Instagrams showed little bags filled with treats that were being called "Donut Fries." To much disappointment, the photos' captions explained that they were only available at select Dunkin' locations around Boston, MA and Providence, RI. Well, folks, the FOMO will soon be over for because after a successful test, Dunkin' has announced it is releasing Donut Fries nationwide next week.
Starting Monday, July 2, Dunkin is bringing its take on French fries to the masses. According to a recent press release, Donut Fries are made with croissant-style doughnut dough, similar to what the chain uses to make it's Croissant Donuts, which became a permanent menu item back in 2015. The new Donut Fries are served warm and tossed in cinnamon sugar. Each order comes with five sweet fries and costs $2, which comes out to 40 cents per fry.
The size and the fact that five come in each order, make the snack pretty sharable. At the same time, however, we do have to wonder what sets them apart from Dunkin's already popable and sharable Munchkins? Maybe the the croissant-style dough makes all the difference. Hopefully, if Donut Fries do prove to be better than anything else on the chain's menu, Dunkin' will keep them around for longer than just the summer and even introduce them in more varieties. Though, if that does happen, we'll have to lobby for Dunkin' to serve the Donut Fries with some sort of icing or glaze. You can't have fries without a dipping sauce, right?

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