Princess Anne Is The Royal To Watch In Season 3 Of The Crown

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The Crown has a new princess, or at least the new casting of one. With season 3 set in the mid-60s through mid-70s, a very much grown up Princess Anne will be joining the beloved Netflix hit about the British royal family, and we are all about it.
The role of Princess Anne will be played by newcomer Erin Doherty, according to The Hollywood Reporter. For fellow fans of British television, you may know her from Call the Midwife or BBC’s Les Misérables miniseries. Over the past two seasons, we have really only seen short cameos of the princess. This will be our first chance to get to know her on the show, and we’re pretty excited about it. With the recast of the monarchy, the show enters an era rarely covered in shows about the royal family, which tend to favor the earlier years of a young queen just starting her reign. Instead, we will see Prince Charles and Princess Anne come into their own which is great because Princess Anne is kind of a badass.
A lot happens for the young princess in the window of time covered in season 3, 1964-1976. She graduates from an all-girls boarding school, takes part in her first public engagement, goes to the Olympics for horse riding, and thwarts a kidnapping with her now famous response, “Not bloody likely!”
Romance will definitely be part of the picture in season 3! *Pops popcorn months early in anticipation for drama* In 1970, she dates her first boyfriend, Andrew Parker Bowles. If that name sounds familiar to you, you’re not the only one. He went on to marry then Camilla Shand before she would later re-marry to Prince Charles and become the princess’ sister-in-law. Talk about a potentially awkward ex situation. Princess Anne goes on to marry Mark Phillips in 1973, so if we’re lucky, we might get a Royal Wedding!
Waiting for the next season of The Crown will be a true test of patience — it’s not coming out until 2019. Meanwhile, I’ll be taking cues from Princess Anne during her attempted kidnapping by remaining calm, cool, and collected knowing full well that my response to anyone trying to make plans the weekend it comes out will be: “Not bloody likely!”

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