Why Did 13RW's Clay Jensen Walk The Red Carpet Alone In A T-Shirt?

Picture it: The entire sweet, precious cast of 13 Reasons Why gathers for their interview on the MTV Movie & TV Awards Red Carpet. Katherine Langford, who plays Hannah Baker, wears an all-black, elaborate get-up fit for a mysterious Charleston widow looking for a new start in in the year 1936. Alisha Boe, who plays Jessica Davis, loiters in the back with Christian Navarro and emerges to answer a question about what she's currently streaming (Big Mouth, Queer Eye, Patrick Melrose, all good options). The cast is joined together in jovial camaraderie.
Except for one man. Where is Dylan Minnette, he of the furrowed brow and the concentrated stare? Minutes after his castmates showed up, Minnette, who plays the bike accident-prone Clay Jensen on 13 Reasons Why, strolled up to the microphone wearing a Jurassic Park t-shirt and black skinny jeans.
What was the cause for Minnette's delay? Minnette didn't provide an explanation during his red carpet interview. Rather, he just accepted his tardiness casually, as if he were the secretly smart slacker who strolled into class five minutes late every day but still got into a surprisingly decent school. Here are our best plausible guesses as to why Casual Monday Minnette was late.
1. Minnette wiped out on his bike on his way to the venue, then lost more time covering his fresh scar with makeup. It's one thing to walk the halls of Liberty High School with a perpetually bleeding forehead, and another to strut the red carpet with a scar.
2. Minnette stared too long at his collection of '90s-themed graphic t's and went into paralysis, before blindly choosing Jurassic Park because it was the option closest to his extended arm. (Or: maybe he's getting paid on the DL to help promote Jurassic World: Forgotten Kingdom and dino-awareness via ironic nostalgic t-shirts?)
3. Minette didn't want to upstage his co-stars with his star presence, so he generously wore a T-shirt, let them bask in the spotlight and rolled up solo.
4. Minette overslept his alarm, and in a groggy state shouted from his bedroom, "Why didn't you wake me up, Mom?"
5. Minette and his cast-mates are playing an elaborate game of tag, and he's "it."
6. Minette and the ghost of Hannah Baker were caught in a deep conversation about dreams and missed opportunities in the back of his limo.
7. Minnette was composing a list of 13 reasons why 13 Reasons Why is the best Netflix original, but was stumped for the 13th.
8. The entire 13 Reasons Why cast made a pact to wear t-shirts. The day of the red carpet, everyone succumbed to societal pressure to look chic except Minnette. He was stung.
9. Minette had to finish watching William propose to Shannan in season 2 of Queer Eye. The ordeal went on longer than he'd scheduled for.
Alas, this is one 13 Reasons Why mystery we'll never solve. Instead, Minnette will just admit that yes, he was late to the party. At least we know Minnette and his castmates will be reunited at the actual awards ceremony, conspiring on season 3's plot twists.

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