The Best Ocean's 8 Heistress Was Nine Ball's Little Sister

Photo: Courtesy of Barry Wetcher/Warner Bros.
Ocean's 8 is a cast of standouts thanks to the iconic names like Anne Hathaway and Rihanna that director Gary Ross brought on board to revive the franchise — but there was one brand new actress that totally captured our attention, and I suspect soon the rest of the world's as well.
Nine Ball, played by Rihanna, was an elusive genius throughout most of the movie, but we did get one glimpse into her personal life courtesy of her sister, Veronica, played by Nathanya Alexander. Veronica was responsible for figuring out the magnet that would remove Daphne Kluger's (Hathaway) diamond necklace, which she did in record time —a shame, in my opinion! Because we would have loved to see more of her (specifically, Alexander) on screen.
According to IMDB, this is the first major role for the actress, who had previously starred in shorts up until landing a gig OPPOSITE RIH-FREAKING-ANNA. She had some of the best lines in the movie, her parting words being a request for her talented older sister to print her a fake ID.

Di bloodclaat highlight ✨

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It's not surprising that Alexander's career is picking up, since she graduated from the same school as favorites like Ansel Elgort and Timothée Chalamet in 2012. NYC's LaGuardia High School is known for breeding the next generation of stars, and if all three of them reunited for a summer blockbuster, I don't think you'd hear us complaining.
Until her next role, however, Alexander is most active on Instagram, where she posts photoshoots and video clips from her projects and other things that inspire her.


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We've reached out to Alexander's team for updates on her next move and what it was like to work alongside Rih-Rih, and will update if we hear back.

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