About That Time Kim Cattrall Scatted Over An Upright Bass

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There are many things cringey about Sex and the City — a certain bandanna habit of Carrie's comes to mind — but none of them are more cringey than Kim Cattrall scatting poetry over her the sound of an upright bass. Gawker (RIP) dredged up the video in 2015, pointing out that, among the SATC nostalgia clips, this one was the best. In honor of the show's 20th anniversary, which is today, we're talking about that video again.
In the clip, Cattrall stands alongside her husband in a loose chambray shirt — she's got a a Martha Stewart aesthetic going on.
"I read poetry and sonnets and he plays the bass," Cattrall says in the video, introducing what she's about to do. She then closes her eyes and begins to snap to the beat. She then recites poetry.
The "poetry" goes something like this: "Yamma kippa yay, bo, said a rayba kay, both, in dog Latin he quoth, you jay, sofa soray!" This is a jazz interpretation of the poem "The Little Dog's Day." The real line is: “Jam incipiedo, sedere facebo,/ In dog-Latin he quoth, 'Euge! sophos! hurray!'"
You, Jay! Sofa surray!
It's a line that launched 300,000 YouTube views. (Not a lot, considering the viral potential of "sofa soray!") It also launched a museum exhibit in 2017 curated by Matt Harkins and Viviana Olen, the pair responsible for a museum exhibit titled "Olsen Twins Hiding From Paparazzi."
"Nothing has filled us with as much pure joy as this short video," Harkins and Olen told Mic last year, around the time the exhibit opened. The exhibit wasn't just a tribute to "yammi kippi yay bo," although that was the title of it. There were paintings of Cattrall, handmade tarot cards, and a performance artist performing Samantha's monologues. Olen and Harkins added, "Nobody is as watchable as Kim Cattrall."
And with that, watch the video of Cattrall hitting those sweet poetry notes, below.

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