Why You Should Be Keeping Tabs On The Moon Right Now

Photo: Courtesy of Pexel.
This week might be short, stargazers, but it's hardly boring. The moon was thoughtful enough to wait until our holiday weekend ended to start stirring the pot, which it inarguably did starting at 10:20 a.m. EDT this past Tuesday, when it reached fullness in Sagittarius, the fiery sign of the adventurous Archer. But that's not where the lunar activity ended.
In the span of four days, the moon will have been full, then void of course (moving between Zodiac signs) for a particularly long period, and then subjected to the stern gaze of Capricorn, all while entering its waning phases (in which its illuminated area decreases). Even if you haven't been keeping track of all of these tiny changes (or if you aren't familiar with some of them), you've probably felt their effects.
Every day since Tuesday has had a feeling all its own, thanks in no small part to what the moon's been up to. Ahead, we break down its activity day-by-day, starting with the full moon on Tuesday, and take a closer look at how you might have felt because of it.

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