The One Thing You Should Do During This Month's Full Moon

Photographed by Megan Madden.
At 10:20 a.m. EDT next Tuesday, the moon will reach fullness, marking yet another May Flower Moon, as this month's full moon is known among nature-based faiths. Spiritually speaking, it's considered an excellent time to tend to your most cherished (and promising) endeavors. Plus this year the Flower Moon will take place in fiery Sagittarius, a sign known for its vim, vigor, and vivacious attitude — if there's a better lunar event to kick off summer a little early, we haven't heard of it.
And if that summertime excitement hasn't quite reached you yet, expect it to by Tuesday. This lunar phase is known to heighten the energy that's already in the air, explains Thorn Mooney, a Gardnerian priestess and author of the upcoming Traditional Wicca. Take this time to luxuriate in seeing the plans that you laid many months ago start to come to fruition — then direct your attention to months ahead.
"Try making a list of all the things you want to accomplish this season and then figure out what first steps you’ll need to take to get those goals off the ground," Mooney says, adding that this full moon can also give you the boost you need to tie up any loose ends before the summer officially begins. "Collectively, the energy is high and ready to be directed towards finishing those big, longterm projects," she explains.
But, if you already have your summer plans locked down, refer to what we said earlier about luxuriating. Mooney suggests spending the night outside or charging your crystals under the full moon's light. You don't need to do anything elaborate to enjoy the full moon, she says. Even the smallest gestures can make a difference.
Even if the weather hasn't started to warm up where you are, summer is in the air, so let this month's full moon be your first sign. Then, once you start to feel those sunny vibes for yourself, grab your planner and get to work on that July Fourth getaway. "This is a great time to look ahead and take advantage of all that extra power pushing us into these warm months," Mooney says.
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