This Month's Full Moon Will Ask Us To Be Patient

Next Wednesday, May 10, will see the moon reach fullness once again and become what's known as the Flower Moon. This moon shares its energy with other May holidays — but it has a deeper meaning, too.
Much like the Pagan sabbat Beltane and the more secular May Day, Flower Moon observations revolve around the bounty and beauty of nature this time of year (hence the moon's name). If you wish, you can absolutely spend this lunar phase celebrating nature and keep it as simple as that — after all, just taking a walk can be a full moon ritual. That said, this is also a great time to focus on the changes going on in your personal life, rather than the outside world.
Last month, the Pink Full Moon encouraged us to get up and go. All the activity that takes place in nature during April lays the foundation for what springs forth in May (April showers, and all that). So you may notice some of the choices you made last month showing results now. The next step? Nurture those budding developments.
You don't need to make any major moves at this time — in fact, it may be best to tread lightly. Take a hands-off approach and let the changes you set into motion last month progress at a natural pace. Schedule timely meetings at work and set a second date with a potential partner, but don't break out your plans for the next quarter or make a sweeping gesture of affection until it feels right.
You may also feel a little more warm and fuzzy under this full moon. The entire month of May is associated with the divine feminine, so give into your maternal instincts if you feel them acting up. Offer sage advice to your siblings, spend extra one-on-one time with your BFFs, or play caregiver for your partner.
Tending to your relationships — not just yourself — is just one more way to help your personal life blossom under the Flower Moon.
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