You Won't Believe Where These Dead Stranger Things Characters Are Now

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix
Dead characters from a popular Netflix show binge-watching TV together in the afterlife? Well, stranger things have happened.
Any child of the '80s (or really anyone who watched The Goonies every time there was indoor recess) was thrilled to hear that Sean Astin had joined season 2 of Stranger Things. Unfortunately, what most people didn't expect was for sweet, Halloween-loving Bob to be offed by the Demogorgon before the season was out.
Alas, while we never quite got #JusticeForBob, that doesn't mean that Astin's character is miserable in the afterlife. Not even close! Thanks to a new digital exclusive from Netflix, we know that Bob isn't alone, and that — wherever he is — he has streaming access.
In the new short, Bob sits on the couch with a fellow-deceased Stranger Things character: Dustin's orange cat Mews, who was mauled and consumed by a baby Demogorgon.
Don't worry, Mews looks totally fine now — as does Bob. They're even working out their own issues by re-watching their death scenes from season 2 of Stranger Things. Fortunately, they have one another to lean on.
If you're wondering how Astin feels about Bob's death, he's weirdly cool with it... mostly because he's shipping Bob's one-time love Joyce (Winona Ryder) with someone else entirely.
"I certainly was rooting for Hopper [David Harbour] and Joyce to get together in the first season," Astin admitted to Variety in a November interview. "And when I realized I was coming on as Winona’s love interest, I was like, I’m not sure I would want to be with Winona... I would want Hopper to be with Winona! As a fan of the show, is the audience going to be like, 'Just get rid of that idiot because I really want to finish the romantic story between Hopper and Joyce?'"
Bob may not have Joyce anymore, but hey — at least he has a feline friend to binge Netflix with.

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