Sans Camila Cabello, Taylor Swift's Reputation Tour Hits The Rainy City

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Taylor Swift's reputation tour kicked off in early May. Here, her animatronic snake (just go with it) diaries about the experience.
Taylor made it to the rainy city, Seattle! This was the tour's fastest turnaround yet — we were at the Rose Bowl just four days ago!
Luckily, Seattle was one of the less frantic stops on the tour, with zero surprise celebrity cameos. In fact, one of her opening acts (and Billboard Music Awards seatmate) Camila Cabello dropped out of the performance Monday due to dehydration and exhaustion, but Taylor carried on. (She's a solider, that one.) But of course, when the time came, she asked the crowd to send their get well vibes to Camila. Can't have the reputation tour without Camila Cabello, the chipper antithesis to Taylor Swift. (Never fear, though, because Taylor's other opening act, Charli "Boom Clap'" XCX, was neither too exhausted nor too dehydrated to show up last night.)
"My tour mate and friend Camila Cabello meant to be here tonight, she wanted to be here for you but she got sick. It happens to everybody. I was thinking it might cheer her up if I were to get all 56,000 of you to scream 'get well soon Camila!" Taylor requested.
For a Tuesday night, Seattle really showed up! I mean, speaking as a reptile, I can say I had very low expectations for Seattle in general. It's a rainy city! I associate it mainly with the Twilight novels, even though those didn't take place in Seattle. Did I mention I'm animatronic?
Following her performance of "Don't Blame Me," the crowd stood up and cheered for a solid two minutes. I should add that "Don't Blame Me" is one of Taylor's hardest songs vocally. In general, Taylor's got a snakelike voice — she stays within in a small range, and hisses when necessary. But "Don't Blame Me" gets into Taylor's upper range. She scales up during the climax of the song, wailing and riffing, gospel-style, to the best of her ability. It's very impressive, though not as impressive as a 12-foot-tall animatronic snake.
"This is some other level [that] I am not used to," Taylor told the crowd. She exclaimed, "Oh, God! A Tuesday night in Seattle!" Yes! Seattle really showed up despite its gloomy, coffee-loving reputation! (Ha.)
"It's been really fun to kind of grow up with you," Taylor said. "I meet people before the show and after the show and it's so cool.. some people say, 'I've been listening to you since I was twelve.'" Never fear, bandwagon-hoppers — Taylor's also okay with the folks who just joined in for reputation, too.
Look, that's a tiny shot of me!
Just want to say for all the attention I got at the beginning of this tour, things have really slowed down. Fans seem to be way more interested in Taylor's deep cuts, like "Holy Ground." Taylor toted out an acoustic version of "Holy Ground" and the fans went bananas. ("Holy Ground" is from Red.)
She also sang an acoustic version of the song "Dancing With Our Hands Tied," one of the more beloved songs from reputation. Acoustic covers of reputation tracks are especially exciting and interesting reinterpretations because – unlike Taylor's earliest, country-fied songs – the original versions are, you know, so electric and aggressively pop.
All in all, a stellar performance, save for the fact that MY performance — a giant mechanical object emerging from behind a video screen — has yet to receive any accolades.
Onto Denver, Colorado this Friday! May the mountains be more receptive to giant, scary snakes.

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