The Royal Chef Is Sourcing Vegetables For The Wedding From This Surprising Place

Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images.
This Saturday’s royal wedding ceremony will be followed by not one but two receptions. 600 guests will be invited to the first, which will take place in the afternoon around lunchtime, while the other is expected to be a more intimate evening affair. The second reception, which is being hosted by Prince Charles for just 200 guests, will be much less traditional than the first, as the couple plans to have food trucks and is passing on old-school fruit cake. Still, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may have managed to make even the first reception, hosted by Her Majesty the Queen at St. George's Hall, more casual than previously expected. Evidence of this is in the dishes that will reportedly be served at the luncheon and how guests will be able to enjoy them.
Instead of a sit-down meal, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's guests will be treated to canapés. People reports that said canapés were specifically designed by Royal Chef Mark Flanagan to be eaten in just two bites, making them true finger foods. Because really, there's nothing worse than having a delicious dish in your hand and no way to eat it without sitting down and grabbing a fork and knife.
In addition to the canapés, The Telegraph says, "fashionable bowl food" will be served, and these dishes will also be easy to eat while standing. The hand-held dishes will allow the guests to easily mingle, making it possible for the newlywed couple to circulate and greet their guests when they arrive after the carriage ride through Windsor.
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry reportedly wanted seasonal, locally-grown vegetables to go into the canapés and bowls Chef Flanagan is preparing, and apparently, that was no problem. On the Royal Family's official website, Chef Flanagan is quoted "Luckily the seasons have just fallen perfectly and that's become the main focus in the decision making of the menus."
Based on photos, dishes will include asparagus, artichokes, peas, lima beans, tomatoes, and more. Flanagan also said some of the produce included in the dishes will come straight from Her Majesty's Estate at Windsor. Not everyone can say they sourced ingredients for their wedding reception menu from their grandmother's garden. Then again, not everyone can say their grandmother is a literal queen, but still, it all seems refreshingly down-to-earth (in more ways than one!).

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