This Westworld Theory About The Valley Beyond Could Change Everything

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If you watch Westworld, chances are good that you’ve heard a thing or two — or, like, 100 — this season about something called the “Valley Beyond.”
On the show, the Valley Beyond is a bonafide mystery. It it often referred to as a weapon, a person, a place, or all of the above. But one fan, YouTuber HaxDogma, thinks they have the answer to what the Valley Beyond really is: a way to prolong human life — potentially paving the way for immortality.
HaxDogma reaches this conclusion by identifying the time in Westworld history in which the hosts evolve from being mechanical to near-human in their composition. This, apparently, could allow researchers to implant human consciousness into hosts or harvest the organs of hosts — but only for the people who are aware of such technology, which HaxDogma says is probably only about 1% of the population.
HaxDogma also points to a conversation between William and Lawrence in which William describes Westworld as a place intended to be “hidden” from God’s judgment. Later, it is revealed that William built a “pearly gates” that doesn’t require death for arrival. The Valley Beyond, then, is a way to escape God’s judgment forever — you know, by living forever.
But the promise of immortality can cheapen life, particularly if it comes in two seemingly identical forms — host and human.
This, according to HaxDogma’s video, is also what could lead to much of the tension and instability in Westworld. William lost everything when he created the pearly gates — his wife committed suicide and his daughter blamed him for her death.
“If you live in a reality where you can program human-like creatures to do everything you say, and at the end of the day, these creatures believe that they’re human, how can you determine if you aren’t being programmed just the same?” HaxDogma asks.
This is why Dolores has a stake in the Valley Beyond. According to HaxDogma, Dolores sees the Valley Beyond as a place for hosts to “enhance” themselves and stop humans from achieving immortality. This would likely be due in large part to all the data the park had collected on its guests (in order to achieve immortality for its super-rich owners and anyone else who was willing to pony up for it). Once the data on every world leader is released — which, in going along with this theory, is probably Dolores’ goal — HaxDogma theorizes it would cause economic downfalls and possibly even civil war.
So, when it comes to the Valley Beyond, William aims to destroy it. Dolores wants to use it to destroy the humans.
Only time will tell if this theory will actually play out. But, as anyone who watches Westworld knows, fan theories like these very rarely disappoint in the long run.
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