Lorde, Known Melodramatic, Just Did Something Drastic On Instagram

Photo: Lester Cohen/Getty Images.
Lorde is going through an identity crisis. At least, she's deleted most everything on her Instagram and Twitter, which is exactly what I dream of doing whenever I fantasize about moving somewhere new and starting over. However, she's assured her fans she's not going anywhere. She just needed a clean slate for 2018.
Her social media isn't entirely empty, however. She left two tweets on her Twitter from 2017, and I've already spent far too long analyzing what they could mean.
"A choir, to calm helplessness and absence / A choir of glasses, of nocturnal tunes," the first one reads, quoting Arthur Rimbaud, a French poet. She continued, later adding, "Nothing was moving yet on the facades of palaces. The water was still. I walked... and jewels looked on, and wings arose noiselessly—." And that's it. The rest of her tweets are gone.
Something similar has gone down on her Instagram. Only three posts remain: a 2016 snap from the New Museum in New York City, a 2017 post of a black-and-white image of people wearing glasses in what appears to be a movie theater, and a photo of her performing in New York City this past April.
Fans understandably started looking for clues in the remaining posts, but the singer explained in the comments of a fan account photo that it's not that deep.
"No stress just pulling back the curtain again for a moment. She’s a baby writer in search of a legacy... will keep u posted. Love u all so much more than u know," she wrote, adding in another comment, "More than ok! Not needing to recover or pull back from u guys, it’s just what I feel is cleanest and most true to me as an artist & musician in 2018. Will still be creeping on u all and commenting, just not going to be posting endless content. Less is always more."
Whatever this new era of Lorde will be, we're ready for it.
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