Parkland Survivor Calls Donald Trump A “Professional Liar”

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Parkland shooting survivor Cameron Kasky isn’t mincing words when it comes to Donald Trump’s position on gun control.
“He's a professional liar who will say anything to appease whatever crowd he's at. If he's in front of families, he might say something in support of common sense gun reform,” Kasky, a junior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, told CNN when asked what he would say if given the opportunity to have a conversation with the president. “But then when he's at the NRA, he'll say something to get a big cheer."
The president recently addressed the National Rifle Association for the first time since the mass shooting in Parkland, FL at the organization’s annual convention in Dallas, TX. In his speech, Trump didn’t mention the “common sense” gun law reforms he had discussed with victims of the Parkland shooting. Instead, he warned gun owners not to become “complacent” leading up to the midterm elections.
“Your Second Amendment rights are under siege,” Trump said in his remarks. “But they will never ever be under siege as long as I am your president.”
In response, Kasky compared the NRA convention to Comic-Con (in that only “die-hard fans” think to attend) and urged “average” gun owners to hold Trump accountable for his words and actions.
“The average NRA members, the ones who maybe got their membership free with the purchase of handgun, they’re not showing up there and they’re not holding Trump accountable for what he needs to actually talk about,” Kasky said. “This is President Trump trying to appeal to a group of people who really, really like weapons that shoot bullets fast.”
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