What If The Rain Killed Everyone? Welcome To Netflix's Newest Freaky Series

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Like Missy Elliott, the characters in Netflix's new series, The Rain, cannot stand the rain. When the rain hits their window, it's more than just a rush of nostalgia — it's a death wish.
We got our first look at Netflix's newest import in March, but this new trailer gives us more insight in exactly what is going on in this post-apocalyptic Scandinavian thriller. In addition to being the first Danish television series on Netflix, The Rain, out May 4, also marks the first time that a trailer has successfully made me terrified to go outside.
In the show, a brutal and deadly virus is spread via rainfall and contaminates an entire city. Two siblings, Simone (Alba August), and her younger brother, Ramus (Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen), are put in a bunker to hide from the deadly moisture while their father (who seems like some sort of scientist, aware of the impending doom from the first toxic rainfall) tells Simone to stay and watch Ramus, who holds the key (maybe the cure?) to everything happening. Their father then says good-bye and walks out in an ominous plastic yellow suit, leaving their kids stunned and confused in a bunker in the middle of the woods.
From there, the trailer jumps forward six years, and the kids are now young adults, eager to find out what the hell is happening in the outside world — and what happened to their now missing father. Simone and Ramus meet another group of survivors who have somehow been living in the outside world and witnessing the consequences of the rain with their own eyes. The two siblings have only each other to rely on while they face off against another group of threatening people with guns, form a semi-alliance with the other survivors, and — at all costs — stay dry.
I can already tell this show is going to make me feel grateful that my greatest rain-related fear is how much my hair will frizz in the post-rain humidity.
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