These Are The Best Reactions To Gordon Ramsay Saying He's Going Vegan

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This week, Gordon Ramsay shook Twitter to its core when he said in a tweet that he was "Going to give this #vegan thing a try." Naturally, because he has long been outspoken about his love for meat and once even claimed he was "allergic" to vegans, his followers had some strong reactions to the idea that Ramsay might be switching to a vegan diet. Some of the reactions from both vegans and meat eaters were negative, while others were excited. All of the reactions, though, were tinged with surprise.
Some vegans who commented on Ramsay's recent tweet were mad that he had been mocking vegans for years but had never really tried the vegan lifestyle himself until now. After getting into a little Twitter spat with the celebrity chef a few months ago, PETA, however, took the opportunity to gloat over him finally making the transition.
Many meat eaters that follow Gordon Ramsay were also upset about his vegan announcement, perhaps because they felt he was abandoning the omnivore team and turning his back on all his signature meat dishes.
Despite many commenters being a bit miffed by Gordon saying he was trying out the vegan thing, it appears that even more were elated by the news. Vegans all over Twitter started asking him to write a vegan cookbook, have a vegan chef on one of his cooking shows, and even develop some new vegan food products.
In addition to Chef Ramsay's lover s and haters, there were also commenters that didn't seem to care either way about his new vegan diet. Those people were just completely baffled, and they voiced it in the most hilarious ways.
The folks who weren't willing to believe that Gordon Ramsay was actually trying a vegan diet might be onto something as there is some reason to believe that the tweet was simply a PR stunt to garner attention for his new pizza restaurant, which has one vegan menu item. We've reached out to a representative of Chef Ramsay's to get confirmation on his rumored new diet. While we wait to hear back with details, however, we'll just be over here enjoying all the funny Twitter reactions.

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